(Tractor People Magazine, n° 02-2018)

“Prosecco” represents the life and energy behind the local economy in the Marca Trevigiana area.  Antonio Carraro spa intends to make a contribution regarding prosecco “culture” by participating at the CIRVE conference held in Conegliano (Centre for Research into Wine production) set up by the Banca della Marca last May, when the world of training met the worlds of information, finance, agriculture and industry in order to promote sustainable economic development in the light of growing popularity into new cultivation methods in organic farming.  The event, also sponsored by AC spa, was organised by the Banca della Marca with the Consortium for the defence of agriculture in Treviso and Belluno along with the publisher l’Informatore Agrario.
Statistics reveal favourable performance for sparkling wine (production: +6-7%) worldwide, especially for Prosecco whose exports in 2017 exceeded 3 million hl, compared with the stability in growth of its major competitors, Champagne and Asti Spumante (around 1 million hl), and decline of Cava (around 250,000 hl).  In the future, the production of Prosecco will continue to grow steadily and therefore the Consortium plans to extend the production surface area by 2021.  One of the Consortium’s main objectives is to provide sustainability through organic farming by taking advantage of the principles of precision agriculture thanks to an application that provides the geolocation of each plot and supplies real time information regarding agro-meteorological conditions, risk of pesticides and the effect of interventions being carried out or simulated with different agrochemicals that have been authorised for the area.  According to the main producers of Prosecco, sustainability has become a necessary objective to be obtained through investment into the research, innovation and purchase of tractors with a low environmental impact aimed at reducing the use of pesticides.