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ROPS and FOPS homologated, pressurised and Category 4 certified


The AIR cab offers maximum level operative comfort and safety. The

tractor and cab’s volumetric profile is harmonious and streamlined in

order to grant agility and ease of movement in tight spaces and dense

vegetation. To guarantee a perfect working climate there is the efficient

heating and ventilation system with an integrated air-conditioning

system. It has excellent all round visibility thanks to the cab’s many

windows on all sides along with a porthole at the same height as the

pedal board providing visibility over the ground.

The internal illumination allows for the tractor to be used comfortably

even at night with constant control over all the functions. The finely

tuned soundproofing and the uncoupling of the cab from the tractor’s

main body guarantees minimum noise levels when being driven. The

operator’s living space provides great freedom of movement for the


The powerful external lights positioned on the roof, together with the

headlights on the tractor’s mudguards provide a great strip of light that

illuminates the ground in the day and which also allows the operator to

work in conditions of pitch black. The Air cab was designed to always

be “pressurised” and on request it is possible to have it Cat. 4 certified

which guarantees the perfect isolation of the operator from dust, gas

and aerosols in full accordance with the European legislation


15695- CAT 4”


The Air cab is pressurised and the purchaser has two choices: Air Cat.

4 Ready (the most economical with predisposition Cat. 4) and Air

Cat. 4 complete with active carbon filters, homologation certificate,

identification plate and support.