SRH 9800

The SRH 9800 is a hydrostatic reversible tractor with an articulated chassis. It is a tractor specifically designed to work in narrow spaces, amongst rowed crops of delicate vines, on the plain and on slopes, in nurseries and in greenhouses. The engine has 4 valves per cylinder, 87 hp, 3300 cc with electronic injection. It has a completely computerised system for the management of movement, speed, acceleration and the rpm of the PTO. The SRH can also be fitted with a proportional electronic joystick for the management of the equipment’s hydraulic circuit. The man-machine interface can be adjusted to the personal requirements of the operator in order to maximise drive comfort and operative accuracy. The curved design is streamlined and was designed so that the bodywork could slide through the vegetation without damaging it. Of particular use on the SRH is the ESC – Electronic Speed Control system - that allows forward speeds to be set so that all tasks can be carried out with constancy. This is particularly useful for crop spraying or when using specific equipment for vineyards such as the trimming machine, pruner, leaf plucker, vine binder or weeder. On request, a rich series of optional extras can be fitted: very comfortable seat, bull-bar, hydropneumatic suspension, counterweights, hydraulic fittings, etc which all allow for each customer’s individual requirements to be satisfied.