Code of Ethics

Antonio Carraro S.p.A. believes it can contribute with its actions, with a spirit of responsibility and moral integrity, to the development process of the Italian economy and to the civil growth of the country.
The Company believes in the value of work and considers legality, fairness and transparency of action to be essential prerequisites for the achievement of its economic, production and social objectives.
The Code of Ethics expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of work and company activities undertaken by the employees of Antonio Carraro S.p.A., whether they are members of the corporate bodies of administration and control and employees of Antonio Carraro S.p.A. or any third parties, such as suppliers, work and industrial partners, who collaborate or work in the name of or on behalf of or in the interest of Antonio Carraro S.p.A..

 The Code of Ethics, are available for consultation by anyone by accessing the following link