“Avanti sempre!” (Keep pushing!) was the motto of our President Antonio Carraro, who sadly passed away at 8.00 on the 11th of March 2022. 

On the same day in 1982, that his father Giovanni passed away and it will be a day that they will be always remembered together. Giovanni was a pioneer: from the split with the Giovanni Carraro company, founded in 1910, came Antonio Carraro spa in 1960.

Over time, “Avanti sempre!” became an integral part of the Antonio Carraro company’s philosophy as a way of encouraging everyone to look towards the future.

Antonio Carraro has bequeathed something important: a company that made history with Made in Italy, contributing to Italian and European industrial development in one of the most dynamic phases of economic and social change seen in the last century.

Spirit, strength, value and growth continue to live in the 4-rotating-horse logo which denotes every tractor that comes out of the Antonio Carraro factory.

A brand that Antonio, an art and history lover, adopted after being inspired by Persian graffiti at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston as a synthesis of the evolution of agricultural mechanisation from the birth of civilization up to the present day, from the horse to the tractor.

A brand that became the pride and joy of every Antonio Carraro tractor owner of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A brand synonymous with quality, style and maybe … dreams.

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