RGS™ Rev-Guide System New

A unique and patented reversible drive
The reversible drive on a rotating control tower on the Tora Series houses the driver’s seat and the mechanical controls of the gearbox and the inverter at the side of the steering wheel.  This solution (AC patent) enhances the man-machine feeling by offering the operator a greater living space.  The reversible Tora is a narrow tractor with a low centre of gravity, contained volume and a comfortable, spacious drive position.

The TORA RGS™ Rev-Guide System amplifies the tractor’s multi-purpose nature by facilitating its activities and increasing its precision and quality of execution.  It is a solution that also provides a free central tunnel that eases access aboard and brings the mechanical controls nearer to the steering wheel so that the operator can find the controls he needs immediately, without having to take his hands off the steering wheel.



The spacious drive platform isolates the operator thermically and acoustically from the transmission, providing operative comfort and wellbeing.  The suspended pedalboard on the reversible drive position, an integral part of the rotating control tower, is sealed, without gaps over the ground in order to protect the drive position and the operator from dust.  The cluster on the dashboard offer a colour display of all data: from the rpms of the PTO, to forward speed and hours of activity.