ROAD TRANSIT CERTIFICATION – With its four rubber tracks, Mach 4 R is certified for road transit up to 25 mph.
INVINCIBLE – Mach 4 R is designed for extreme working conditions, where other tractors cannot operate: steep slopes, narrow spaces, unstable terrains (muddy, flooded, loose, rough soil).
ARTICULATED – ACTIO chassis: allows ultra-compact size and uncomparable manouverability.
REVERSIBLE – The rotating dashboard Rev-Guide system allows the inversion of the driving direction in few seconds in order to use devices on both front and back sides.
GRACEFUL – The perfect weight distribution on the rubber tracks has the effect of minimizing the soil compaction, which is less than a human footprint.


ECO-FRIENDLY – New Kubota Stage 3B, 98 hp. More efficiency, less consumption and emissions, more Respect for the environment.
COMPACT –The 3B engine, larger due to the new DPA filters, does not influence the tractor’s size, which remains among the most compact of its category.
COMFORTABLE –Antonio Carraro always guarantees the most comfortable driving station of its category. On board of Mach 4 R is also available a new joystick, more ergonomic, with more functions and more capacity (up to 51 lt).
MANEUVERABLE – In addition to compactness, the damping system is standard. The combination between it and the rubber tracks – which already absorb the pitch  extraordinarily – Mach 4 R offers an incomparable driving comfort.
SAFE – Even safer, Mach 4 R can be ordered with the new AIR cabin, with class 4 pressurization and ROPS/FOPS (rollover and falling objects) certification.
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