TGF 10900 R

The Series R orchard tractor

The TGF is a steering mono-directional tractor with different sized wheels and a low centre of gravity with a lateral gearbox and electrical lift*.  It is a perfect example of how a compact tractor can offer the same amount of space and drive comfort as a traditional tractor.  The central tunnel is completely free of levers, which provides easy access aboard and drive comfort.  The inverter, positioned on the right (the only one of its category to have one) guarantees ease of use.  

Technological revolution

Technological revolution

More Reliability

- Hydraulic system with;
- “Heavy Duty” electrical system;
- Pre-testing of the before assembly;
- 20” and 24” wheels with iron or cast iron flanges with 6 fixed catches with square base bolts and reinforced wheel hubs. Improved fixing studs make the wheels more resistant against loads and lateral thrusts.

More comfort

Protector – A structural, super-low cab with Cat. 4 pressurisation certificate.  It has a super-low profile (up to 174 cm) and offers total protection from smoke, vapour and aerosols.  The hydraulics system is completely fixed onto the chassis: less noise in the cab, specific pretesting before assembly, easier maintenance.
- Inverter lever on the right
- Gear lever under the steering wheel
- Adjustable steering wheel height and angle
- Wider brake pedals
- Completely free tunnel
- New additional hydraulic fittings
- New improved work accessories, third point, lifting bar etc

More options

- Basic hydraulic system: 3 double effect distributers + 1 oil return.  Optional: flow dividers for the controls of 5DE + 1RO + 1ROD “drainage”, electrically regulated constant delivery, standard mechanical draft control lift, electronic draft control lift with damping*;
- Differential controls and electro-hydraulic traction disengagement, electro-hydraulic PTO engagement control, hydraulic outlets above the mudguards.

More technology

- New PTO 540/540S: Ideal for working with a PTO at low revolutions (350/400 rpm) and high power requirement, for example with certain types of crop sprayers for specific uses;
- Overspeed – optional for the reduction of rpm once speeds of 40 km/h have been reached
- Electronic safety system – Should the traction be disengaged, the re-engagement during acceleration is automatic, thus guaranteeing accurate, efficient braking.
- E-drive*: hydraulic servo control with electric control of the tractor’s inverter and the selection of the slow and fast speed ranges.
- DAMPING – With the powerlift in action, it reduces oscillation caused by equipment – available as standard in combination with the mechanical draft control lift or the electronic draft control lift*.

Agility & Design

The TGF Ergit R represents a step forward in terms of stability, traction and comfort.  It is the lowest and narrowest 100cv for orchards and vineyards currently available on the market and can be ordered with two different types of reducers for the rear wheels of 20 and 24 inches.  This provides two new settings that increase stability, reduce pitching and offer new possibilities for improving comfort on the platform.
Despite the increased volume of the 3B engine due to the new exhaust gas DPF filters, the height of the bonnet remains the same as on previous models, which provides advantageous frontal visibility.