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Very special envelopes often arrive here at Antonio Carraro in
Campodarsego, Padova. They contain drawings from children in
which the unmistakably red tractors with their big black wheels are
driven by heroic dads. This is a sign, all being a small one, that this
company is more than just a factory and that these tractors are not
just tractors. The fact is that the tractor, in a child’s imagination as
well as in an adult’s, represents a mythical vehicle; it overcomes
every obstacle and difficulty, it carries out diverse and difficult tasks,
it tames nature into being “good” and “friendly”. A legend that
transcends reality, in which the ring of four horses and the flaming
red bodywork of Antonio Carraro’s tractors, past and present, have a
leading role.
In the wake of a great Italian tradition.
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