Laws regarding diesel engine emissions have led to a redefinition of the range of tractors offered by AC which amounts to around 35 basic models with various engine capacities and configurations.  The overall total number of versions adds up to around 85 different tractors that differ in power, steering wheels or articulated chassis, mechanical or hydrostatic transmission, monodirectional or reversible drive, standard or lowered setting, with equal sized wheels or larger rear wheels for the “orchard” configurations.

Antonio Carraro adopts a taylor-made   (and Made in Italy) tractor production process destined for the European market, as well as many other markets around the world, such as the US market, where the legislation on emissions is different.  
The latest race to comply with emission laws regarding Stage 5 diesel engines has led to large-scale economic investment in both the selection of the engines themselves as well as the engineering and positioning of the engines so as to alter as little as possible the dimensions of the new compact “emissioned” tractors.

The numbers 3800, 4800 up to 8900 distinguish each model and indicate the engine adopted by each tractor, often very different from each other and aimed at customers just as different from each other.

In this edition of our magazine, we will set out an updated list of all current models on offer.