Anyone sitting behind the four tracks attached to a compact tractor will have seen the new and unexpected potential of these vehicles.  Sitting on a surface area of around 1.4 square metres, is a vehicle with unparalleled stability, so it is conceivable that it could also adapt to uneven or muddy ground where photovoltaics stand.  This is certainly what the dealer who transformed the Mach4 into a perfect machine for cleaning solar panels from dust or snow had in mind.  Maintenance of the panels is of paramount importance as far as the performance of the solar energy equipment is concerned, so it is necessary to constantly clean the surfaces exposed to the sun with suitable brushes in order to be able to produce a lot of electricity.  The brush that cleans the photovoltaic system is mounted on an extendable arm that is cantilevered from the tractor; on a ‘normal’ tractor these conditions result in large uneven movements of the cleaning head.  Every small pothole or every possible dip in the ground causes the extending arm to have trouble in manoeuvrability and the Mach4 has proved to be the ideal solution for such use.

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