Comfort Tigre


The tapered and streamlined design of the bodywork offers the operator immediate front visibility. Solid and enfolding, it has no projections or edges of any kind, even the exhaust pipe is fully integrated. This singular compactness and simplicity of its lines makes it easy to handle in the tightest of spaces. Its ground clearance, a good 275 mm, allows it to be used on all types of terrain.

The front bumper, made from a single cast element, acts as front ballast as well as a sump guard surrounding the engine and assures maximum operating safety. A sturdy tow hook is integrated into the bumper.

The steel mesh front and sides of the hood assure excellent heat exchange even in tropical temperatures.

The painstaking engineering of the elements in the engine housing allow for practical and immediate inspections, assisted by the front opening of the hood with a central supporting piston.


Dashboard - The elegant, technological and backlit analogue/ digital dashboard, a multi-purpose on-board instrument featuring a modern design, is integrated into the dashboard panel and protected by an anti-glare dome. The instrument constantly controls of all functions with highvisibility LED signalling even in direct sunlight.

Seat - Fitted with safety belts and height and comfort adjustments, it is also available with pneumatic suspension on request.

Steering - The sensitive and precise hydrodrive power-assisted steering assures excellent manoeuvrability and maximum comfort. The Load Sensing (T4400F) system guarantees safety and efficiency in all conditions and optimises hydraulic flow at all times. The minimum steering radius reduces the number of manoeuvres and, consequently, work time.

Control levers - All the controls are ergonomically positioned in a logical sequence.

Power lift - Powerful three-point hitch with two external cylinders, elevated lifting capacity, cat. 1 - 1N, adjustable tie-rods.

Brakes - Drum service brakes (floating on the T4400F) acting on the rear wheels. Independent (opt. on the T4000) and simultaneous braking. 

Roll-bars - Front pull-down, featuring a low-profile design and integrated into the tractor chassis to allow manoeuvring in the tightest of spaces. Rear fixed, integrated into the multi-purpose number plate holder and distributor support panel.

Lighting assemblies - The new front headlights feature halogen bulbs giving off a brilliant, white, wide and deep beam.

Video Tigre


AC Full Chassis with Oscillation - cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor's transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil's sinuosity ensuring constant traction and grip.

Comfort Tigre

Thanks to the ACTIO™ Chassis, the driving position coincides with the center of oscillation of the tractor. Sideways jerking and stress are very limited and operator fatigue is reduced, even after many hours. The on-board instrumentation is elegant, functional and intuitive: backlit anti-reflection screen for nighttime use; “on-off” information system; digital tachometer and PTO rev counter; and electro-hydraulic pushbutton controls.