The customer always comes first

AC TECH SAT - The way we were, how we are now… The customer always comes first
(Tractor People Magazine, n° 02-2018)

Once there was the “repairs department”.  That is what we used to call the present day After Sales Service that makes up a series of SAT services (Technical Assistance Services).  In the past the tractors were repaired without bothering about the sale of spare parts.  The spare part was a necessary accessory for the repair work, nothing more.  It was often just “given” to the customer in order to gain trust.  However, over the years, Customer Service has become a fundamental service in the automotive industry.  This is why the AC After Sales Service has gradually gained in size and importance, becoming ever more complex in terms of its organisation in order to be able to offer qualified technical assistance to its customer network throughout the world.
Today it is a department where many different languages are spoken and which works with modern and digital technology and is run by top level staff in terms of intervention, training, logistics and shipping.
In this article we wish to share a series of photographs that document the department’s evolution with our readers.
Customer care plays a vital part in AC where the customer always comes first as everyone is well aware that the better the service offered the greater the chance of creating customer loyalty. 
This process implies the creation and promotion of initiatives aimed at simplifying the work of the agricultural operator during the entire life of his AC tractor.  It is enthusiastic assistance by technicians that have transformed their work into the mantra: “Passion is red!”.
Simone Cavinato
After Sales Manager