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Tractor manufacturers have a responsibility to offer the agricultural operator

the best possible working conditions by reducing risk factors to a minimum.

CO2 emission pollution, energy wastage, inhalation of harmful fumes caused

by pesticides along with physical tiredness and stress that can influence the

life of the agricultural operator which can lead to sometimes fatal accidents,

are the enemies to be overcome.

Every year that passes, a significant quota of our investment is destined

towards the safety of our customers starting with the safety of our employees

in our factory.

Safety is a mission, a duty, a philosophy.

It is the life of our agricultural operators as well as our own that we are building.

Happy reading!

Liliana Carraro

Chief Editor

“That which nature wants fromman is written in everyone of us, in me and in you”

Hermann Hesse - 20th century German Writer.

The data shown in the technical

articles is homologation data.

The following people from the

AC Research and Development

Department collaborated on the

technical tests.

Oscar Chiarello

Dolce Vita Products

Andrea Beltrame

Product Manager

Stefano Bortolato

Product Manager

Pier Claudio Massarotto


Damiano De Checchi

Tractor People Products