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…in the city
What have the following all got in common? An
orchard in Spain, a golf course in the USA, a
park in a big German city, a forest in Norway or a
vineyard in New Zealand. Nothing, apart from the
presence of an Antonio Carraro tractor. The
Campodarsego company’s fundamental
concept -innovation, versatility, global
differentiation- translates into a global presence
on International markets, through not only the
experience and professionalism of its Distributors
and Dealers but also directly with its
subsidiaries. From “Antonio Carraro Iberica” for
Spain and Portugal, which have always been
considered as “domestic” markets due to their
similarity to our own climate and crops, to
“Antonio Carraro America” in the USA, where the
tractors with the “four horses” have been
imported and appreciated for some time now as
far away as Australia and the Pacific with
Antonio Carraro Oceania” and then in Northern,
Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean
countries... in fact all over the world, due to its
innovation in design and technology, and
constant presence with its quality and service,
Antonio Carraro has the image of being a special
brand that doesn’t fade in value over time.
The World for a Market.
Giorgio Ceccato
Commercial Director
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