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Antonio Carraro’s research and development
carried out by the R&D follows the strict
principle of providing new product-solutions. The
Ergit Series is an example of the application of
this exact principle. The unique super-low profile
of these compact tractors was born from a
specific market need: to allow the tractor to pass
under bushy plantations without creating
problems for the operator or damaging the
bodywork of the tractor itself, especially on
inaccessible ground and amongst narrow-row
crops. For this same reason, the models from the
Ergit Series are fitted with an overhung engine
and ACTIO i.e. full chassis with oscillation. The
latter has a central articulated joint, which has a
longitudinal oscillation of 15°; in this way it is
possible to operate on extremely steep slopes and
cope with difficult obstacles without
compromising comfort and safety while exploiting
the engine’s power to the absolute limit. Another
feature developed by Antonio Carraro’s R&D is
the SLP pressurised cab (Super Low Profile)
whose design and comfort is comparable to that
of a car. It was designed to safeguard the health
of the operator but still allowing it to get in
spaces that remain inaccessible for tractors with
traditional cabs.
Case history:
The Ergit Series: Secrets of Success.
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