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Versatility and Reversibility Are Our
Overriding Concerns.
From 1910 with the first multifunctional tractor to the beginning of the
third millennium, there is one thread that runs through Antonio Carraro’s
projects: versatility. The ability to quickly adapt to ever-changing needs
represents the intuition which, along with the colour red and the ring of
four horses, has become the company’s signature and has led it to
International success. From specialised agriculture to golf courses, from
forests to historical city centres, each end-user can choose his own
personal model with a specific power and implement combination that
suits the terrain and activity that the tractor has to deal with. All this with
a simple yet sophisticated style, ergonomic and efficient, innovative and
reliable is what we have come to call the Antonio Carraro style.
Man at the Centre
of Innovation
Just ten seconds see the inversion of the
drive direction. Reversibility is another
salient feature of Antonio Carraro’s
production philosophy that is symbolised
by the “reversible” logo of the ring of four
horses itself. This characteristic is taken
to extremes of perfection and simplicity.
Reversing the seat and control position in
just one singular move means that the
physical effort and time wastage when
carrying out the same operation with
traditional tractors can be avoided.
Reversibility (RGS™) responds to a very
specific ergonomic need; thanks to this
the operator can always remain in a
comfortable position, that is correct and
safe, while he works, remaining constantly
in control of the tractor.
This concept is fundamental to every
Antonio Carraro solution.
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