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Students from the 3rd year of Science and AgrarianTechnology at Padova University-TESAF, Italy, with professors Francesco Marinello

and Franco Gasparini.

A lot has changed since 1925, when Mobil Delvac became one of the best oils

in the world. In its 90 year history, Mobil Delvac has stepped up to the growing

demands of the traction industry with more innovative and better performing

products. From the pioneering efforts of the first engine vehicles, to the modern

and sophisticated fleets of our time, from the dusty old highways in the past

to the motorways of our era, Mobil Delvac never abandoned the way. It has

supplied AC since 1964 with oil for its primary system. On the occasion of its

90th anniversary a group of sales representatives and marketing managers from

various parts of the EAME area (Europe, Africa and the Middle east) from the

ExxonMobil group paid a visit to the Antonio Carraro plant in order to better

understand their knowledge of our products. The moment presented Mobil

Delvac with the opportunity to offer Antonio Carraro an award in order to

underline the strong partnership between the two companies


17 NOVEMBER 2015


Jacob Alberto Tramontini (Purchasing Manager) and


Ubirajara Choairi dos Santo (CEO) of “Tramontini” in Rio du Sul, Brazil.

19 JANUARY 2016


Redouane Laalam (President) of the importer TAMC at Ait Melloul, Morocco.

27 OCTOBER 2015

Professors from the Department of Agronomy and Agrarian Mechanics at the University of Padova, members of the renowned ”Accademia

dei Georgofili”, North East Italy Division. Founded in Florence in 1753, whose aim is to contribute to scientific progress with specific reference to agriculture,

to safeguard the environment and the rural world. Led by Professor Cesare De Zanche and Professor Giuliano Mosca (President): Prof Anna Lante, Dr Sandro

Prosdocimi, Prof Arturo Zamorani, Prof Claudio Giulivo, Dr Massimo Ferasin, Prof Michele Cera, Dr Roberto Rongaudio


Sales Representatives and Marketing Managers from various parts of the EAME (Europe, Africa and Middle East) of the ExxonMobil group.