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Who needs the license?

The license is obligatory for the operators of agricultural tractors and

tracked or traditional forestry vehicles with tyres (including tractors

with loading platforms), telescopic lifts, fruit collection carts and

certain types of earth movement vehicles (hydraulic excavators and

those with cables, front loading shovels, wheel loaders, tracked tippers

and concrete mixers). It should be noted that the term “agricultural

vehicles” refers to all equipment cited in the 22 February 2012

Agreement that are used in the agricultural and forestry environment,

which means that also an earth movement vehicle (for example a

wheeled loader) used in the countryside is considered an agricultural


What are the deadlines?

All autonomous and subordinate workers using equipment cited in the

Agreement for the first time that have not had any previous training or

documented experience (novices) must follow the professional driving

course immediately. (prior to starting work). Whoever, within the 31

December 2015, was able to prove themselves to have had at least two

years’ tractor and other agricultural vehicle driving experience, must

take the driving test by 13 March 2017.

On 31 December 2015 the legal requirement to have a driving license to drive an agricultural vehicle came into force. By 13 March 2017 all those

Italian operators who were able to prove that they had two years’ experience of driving agricultural and forestry vehicles will also have to abide by

the new law. There is no time to waste! The driving license has become a reality.

How do you take the driving test?

It is compulsory to take a complete technical-practical training course

and to take a final test. If passed, a license certificate is awarded.

At the Vadena Safety Park (Bolzano) the driving license theoretical-practical

sessions continue without interruption. Bookings can be made at Südtiroler

Bauernbund (tel. 0471 999455 - e-mail