TGF 7800 S
70 HP
Yanmar 4 cyl. turbo 3.319 cc Common rail stage 3B
16+16 w/ synchronized reverser
Weight (KG)
2090-2310 (rollbar) - 2200-2420 (cab)
Capacity (KG)
TGF 9900
85 HP
Kubota - 4 cyl - 16V - Turbo Stage 3B - Common Rail - EGR Injection with electronic control
16+16 synchronized reverser
Weight (KG)
2160÷2340 rollbar / 2320÷2520 Protector cab
Capacity (KG)

TGF - Low profile steering tractor

TGF – Compact and comfortable.
TGF is a steering tractor designed for applications in which compact dimensions are essential. The low centre of gravity, together with the low Protector cab, make it one of the most compact tractors in its class, ideal for work in orchards and high-trained vineyards on hillsides.
The tractor is characterised by a low profile that confers stability and safety on slopes and rough terrain, and by its streamlined design that allows it to glide through the foliage of vineyards and orchards without damaging it. Its compact dimensions allow precise steering and a tight turning radius.
Thanks to the ACTIO™ integral oscillating frame, the ground clearance is optimal, notwithstanding the low centre of gravity.
One of the best examples of how a compact tractor can offer the same space and comfort as a conventional tractor.
With a 16+16 transmission and 540/540e/synchronised power take-off, the TGF offers maximum reliability and professional performance in a compact, agile and versatile tractor, the result of decades of innovation in the field of specialised tractors. 


This is the ideal tractor for nimble, precise manoeuvring among vines or fruit trees, in narrow rows and under low canopies. TGF is the best solution for working in densely planted orchards, high-trained vineyards, in greenhouses and on hillsides, even across steep inclines.
The pressurised Protector cab, available as standard in the Category 1 or in the optional Category 4 version, affords the best protection to the operator during crop spraying applications.
The TGF is frequently used in almond and olive harvesting using shakers, with grubbers in open field applications, in row crops and in greenhouses.


7800 S – 70 hp / 9900 – 85 hp
Powerful yet compact,  TGF guarantees exceptional performance over all types of terrain. To meet the specific needs of every customer, TGF offers a choice of two different propulsion units, and several hydraulic options, equipment packages and tyre combinations.
A choice of two cabs: Starlight, the air conditioned cab with the tapered profile, or the super low Protector, which, in turn, is available in two versions: the basic Protector S and the more accessorised Protector 100, the first compact cab certified to CATEGORY 4* pressurisation, the highest level of operator protection from airborne toxins during crop spraying operations.


Antonio Carraro Integral Oscillating frame

A feature unique to Antonio Carraro tractors. The frame pivots laterally through 15 degrees as it adapts to the contours of the terrain, ensuring excellent grip and safety even in the most critical ground conditions. ACTIO™ helps keep the centre of gravity low while maintaining the optimal ground clearance for all types of application, including forestry work.


The transition to Stage 3B emissions standards has led to an increase in dimensions for everyone. Everyone, that is, except for Antonio Carraro, who have managed to maintain the compact dimensions of their engine compartments with all the new propulsion units, to the benefit of visibility and driver comfort.
With the new engines equipped with DPF filters, Antonio Carraro tractors achieve improvements in performance while taking more care of the environment.
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