Details that make the difference

The tractors produced by Antonio Carraro tractors in Campodarsego in the province of Padua are famous for their attention to detail and their commitment to safety. For this reason the AC original parts have no substitute! Day after day, your Antonio Carraro tractor will give you maximum performance and, to maintain full functionality, all the components must work in synergy. AC original parts: optimum performance can only be obtained from components that are designed to meet the specific requirements of each individual model. Only in this way can you ensure maximum quality and maximum safety.
Our original parts service offers:
- A 12 month warranty;
- An extensive distribution network in Italy and worldwide;
- Over 30,000 articles in stock.


AC Service puts tractor users first. With AC Service you are always ahead of the field. The close links between your tractor, your dealer and the manufacturer give a significant advantage which ensures efficient, innovative service.
Driving comfort, reliability and low maintenance costs are among the main criteria that drive every Antonio Carraro design.
Antonio Carraro continuously invests in technical training courses for its own personnel and dealers held at the factory in Compodarsego. Maintenance operations require experience and an in-depth knowledge of the tractor; this is why we recommend that you should only use authorized Antonio Carraro dealers for all your servicing needs.


ADD VALUE TO YOUR PASSION: 4 worry-free years!
Taking care of your Antonio Carraro tractor is simple and cost-effective with EXG MAXIMUM PROTECTION.
The extended warranty service allows you to extend the standard commercial product warranty by the purchase of up to 4 (years) of full warranty. The extended warranty period starts when the commercial product warranty expires and cannot be renewed. Every customer, either at the moment of purchase or at any time during the first 12 months of the life of the tractor, can purchase extended warranty coverage of 3 or 4 years. To be eligible for the extended warranty after the original tractor purchase date, it is essential that vehicle has undergone all mandatory servicing. EXG Maximum Protection confirms the value of investments made by the Antonio Carraro in terms of long-term reliability of its products.