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The myth and the image of the four rotating horses
In ancient Greece, the myth was the “true speech”, that is the narration of the epic deeds of gods and heroes. The logos was the “rational speech”, which epitomizes the power and value of the myth. Similarly, the AC logo with the four rotating horses is meant to symbolize history, power, value and beauty.  A modern synthesis of the evolution of agricultural mechanization since the origins of civilization, from the horse to the tractor.

It was in 1959 that the company’s chairman Antonio Carraro, a lover of art and history, adopted this trademark drawing inspiration from a Persian graffito of the 17th century  on display at Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

In ancient Greece, this type of graphical representation, named symplegma, portrayed the union of two or more similar figures producing the optical effect of multiplying the number of such figures.  A symplegma is a symbol of life, rebirth, evolution and fertility; by rotating the figure around its axis, the observer will perceive a multiple image. In the AC logo there are two horses on the horizontal plane; on a closer view, however, there appear to be two horses also along the vertical axis. This is an intentional reference to the core design concepts of the AC tractors: four-wheel drive,  power, multifunctionality (many machines in one), beauty. Throughout the years, the AC logo has been refreshed and revamped several times to keep up with the continuous improvements in the style and design of the Antonio Carraro products. The latest restyling takes inspiration from the Japanese manga style of drawing resulting in sharp, faceted lines that seem to have been sculpted, as if by magic, by sabre slashes. The same magic you feel when you drive an Antonio Carraro tractor.  

1910 - '60

Giovanni Carraro: the Pioneer
At the young age of 20, in year 1910, Giovanni Carraro builds the first multipurpose agricultural machine. In brief he develops his smith workshop into an industrial plant which manufactures sowing machines and, afterwards, traditional tractors. In 1960 Antonio, the youngest of his six sons, founds the company "Antonio Carraro di Giovanni": the first single-axle tractor “Scarabeo” is developed.

1960 - '90

The growth
Antonio Carraro opts for a niche production of tractors, from 20 to 100 hp, with four driving wheels. In short it becomes the sector leader as the number of models increases. Strength point of the company is the R&D (Research and Development) department, source of projects to develop innovative and original products from 1979.

1990 - 2000

A mature company
Thanks to the experience and the heritage of technical solutions which the firm has acquired in time, Antonio Carraro increases its market niches from specialized agriculture to civil sector. The “Groundcare” division is developed: it is a range of professional machines dedicated to green maintenance, roadways, urban cleaning.

2000 - TODAY

The Antonio Carraro style
After a phase of internal restructuring with the help of Porsche Consulting the company is ready to take on new challenges in the worldwide market. The keyword is “kaizen”, continuous improvement of all activities. Every single detail and opportunity for the company can be developed in favour of the end-user.


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