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When a product is sold, usually the seller offers an extended warranty, optional and paid, that covers any faults for a specific period of time after the conventional warranty expires (that is 24 months).
What is included in the warranty, the limits and the exclusions and additional allowances can be discussed with the dealer during the purchase.

You are safe even after the warranty has expired

The extended warranty EXG is the best solution in order to protect your purchase after the conventional warranty has expired. With EXG you have at your disposal the best technical assistance centres and your purchases are guaranteed over time. EXG stands for confidence and quality since in case of failures, the repair will be entrusted to specialized technicians. 

Every Customer, when purchasing a new tractor, or during the first 24 months starting from the date of buying, can add the extended warranty (EXG).

To comply with the EXG please contact your dealer who will suggest what is best for you.


To take up the warranty option after the delivery date, all mandatory tractor services must have been carried out!
The new Antonio Carraro After Sales services include two options that each customer can subscribe according to his needs:

•    EXG 2+2 (4 years in total)
•    EXG 2+3 (5 years in total)

•    Maintenance package 
(in addition to the extended warranty option, the customer can get a maintenance package, which includes all the necessary material to properly maintain the tractor and preserve the warranty.)
Below the prices of EXG depending on the model, the maintenance package prices need to be required to your dealer.

a constant maintenance means a higher future value of your tractor.

an always efficient tractor with no down-time means a constant production profitability.

applying a strategic planned approach to your work, you can aspire to a natural growth of your activity that will give you peace and job satisfaction