The company now has an integrated management system for Health and Safety in compliance with ISO 45001 and for the Environment in line with ISO 14001.  This has enabled a more structured approach to both Safety and the Environment.  A Management Systems team was set up to put in place procedures and operating instructions with the aim of having all processes under control as well as clarifying tasks and responsibilities and having the tools to report critical issues, and constantly improving, all together.  A fundamental requirement is, in fact, the involvement of workers, who are an active and integral part of the management system.   Furthermore, to make the entire staff even more co-responsible, the company has launched a two-hour training course for all workers.  In this way, the contents and objectives of the management system are disseminated, emphasising the importance of its correct application.   The entire management system is based on the principles of the Company Policy, which defines the company’s value and profitability: 1. Customer satisfaction: a fundamental objective to which all employees contribute; 2. Environmental protection: criterion that guides the company’s decision-making process; 3. The protection of health and safety at work and the improvement of prevention and protection activities: the company’s primary obligation towards its employees.   A great result has been achieved by Antonio Carraro and brought about thanks to excellent teamwork with the support of the company’s top management.  The hope is that this achievement will contribute to maintaining the high level of quality of AC products in order to guarantee full end-use customer satisfaction.

The Management of ANTONIO CARRARO S.p.A. has defined and systematically updates the company policy for the environment and safety.