Legislative Decree 231

Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 has introduced in our legislation the direct responsibility of collective organisations (companies and bodies) in case of offences, if the same are committed in the interest or to the advantage of such entities. This is a criminal type liability, defined as "administrative liability", independent and additional to that of the physical individual that materially commits the offences, and only arises for those offences analytically identified by the Decree.
The Decree however indicates that the responsibility of the organisation is excluded if the same is capable of demonstrating to have implemented an Organisation Model suitable for preventing the committing of Predicate Offences, and to have appointed a Supervisory Board entrusted with the duty of monitoring the suitability of the Model and the compliance with the same.
In line with its commitment in ensuring that all the activities of the company are carried out within the boundaries of correctness, transparency and legality, ANTONIO CARRARO S.P.A. has implemented a Code of Ethics and its own Organisation, Management and Control Model.
The Model applies to: all the individuals that also in practical terms carry out company management, administration, direction or control activities; to all staff; to those that collaborate with the company on the basis of a parasubordinate working agreement (subcontractors, etc.); to individuals that although not linked with the company on the basis of an employment contract or parasubordinate agreement and similar, operate on the basis of a mandate, or on behalf of the same; and to those individuals that act in the interest of the company due to legal contractual relations, or other commercial agreements.
All the recipients of the Model as identified are requested to comply with the utmost diligence with the provisions of the Model and its implementation procedures.

The Organization, Management and Control Model - General Section, and the Code of Ethics, are available for consultation by anyone by accessing the following links