TGF 10900 R
98 HP
Kubota - 4 cyl - 16V - Turbo Stage 3B - Common Rail - EGR Injection with electronic control
16+16 synchronized reverser
Weight (KG)
2120÷2370 (rollbar) 2325÷2405 (Protector cab)
Capacity (KG)

TGF 10900 R - Low centre of gravity orchard tractor

With its 98 hp Kubota engine, the TGF is a steering mono-directional tractor with large rear wheels and a low center of gravity, the lowest and most compact tractor in the 100 hp class.
It is a tractor specifically designed for work in orchards and vineyards, perfect for both low- and high-trained vines, for working under tree canopies, in greenhouses, in “Y” shaped orchards and on slopes.
It is characterized by its extremely compact dimensions and tight turning circle, thanks to the smaller front wheels that reduce the turning radius and enable precision maneuvers. The hood height is the lowest in its class (112.5 cm), as is the driving position, with an overall height of just 174 cm with the low-profile Protector 100 cab.
Although extremely compact, the TGF offers the same level of operator space and comfort as a conventional tractor, with the central tunnel free of levers to facilitate access, and the reverse shuttle control located to the right of the operator.

The transmission features a synchronized 16 + 16 gearbox with synchronized shuttle (optional E-drive).
There is a choice of eight different tire combinations to meet all operating requirements and for different types of terrain.

The optional Protector 100 cab has a streamlined profile to prevent entanglement and damage to foliage. Two versions are available: the basic Category 1 pressurized cab and the Category 4 certified version, providing total protection against the ingress of dust, gas and aerosols. 

The R Series represents the top of the AC range for performance, technological content and on-board equipment, offering a host of useful functions as standard.  
Thanks to CAN-bus technology, which allows instantaneous dialogue between the tractor's various electronic control units with a minimum number of connections, the operator can enjoy the benefits of electronic engine control, with all the controls conveniently located on the instrument panel, including the work speed memories and acceleration ramps. All the models are equipped with the formidable 98 hp, 4-cylinder Kubota engine with electronic Common Rail injection. The slightly longer wheelbase ensures optimal distribution of the tractor's weight.
All the models in the range can be equipped on request with the new Air cab (except for the TGF 10900 R, which is fitted with the Protector 100 cab) affording advanced technology and comfort, with a spacious operator position, notwithstanding the extremely compact dimensions which allow easy maneuvering in tight spaces and between crops. The cab is pressurized and available also in a Category 4 certified version, which offers the operator total protection from inhalation of harmful dust, gas and vapors.
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Antonio Carraro | Plus | ACTIO


Antonio Carraro | steering tractors

Steering wheels

Antonio Carraro | Warranty | Extension 3 4 years

EXG Extended Warranty


Antonio Carraro | Plus | Grammer seat with pneumatic suspension


Antonio Carraro | Options | Seat with pneumatic suspension

Pneumatic seat

Antonio Carraro | Plus | Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Antonio Carraro | Options | Froltlift

Front lift


Protector 100 TGF Cab

CAT. 4-certified Pressurization
With its only 174 cm-height, Protector 100 is a low pressurized cab which unites comfort and visibility along with the best existing protection level: up to now it is the only compact, cat-4 certified pressurized cab in the market. The cat. 4 pressurization ensures the best insulation from plant protection products ever achieved in the low profile cabs. 

The “butterfly” profile steel frame with continuous radius of curvature makes for a racy profile with no projecting elements.

The cab's hermetic sealing and the pressurization are monitored by the AirControl device on the driving control panel. The environment remains thus healthy and safe during the handling of chemicals. Thanks ti the active carbon filter, inside Protector the operator breathes perfectly clean air.

The rear window looking onto the equipment guarantees great rear visibility, which altogether with the control ergonomics and the two wheel-inspection windows give 360° control with maximum comfort.
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Antonio Carraro, the world's most beautiful tractor

Antonio Carraro, the world's most beautiful tractor - Introducing the top range of specialized, compact tractors for vineyards, orchards, haymaking. Designed to work on impossible grounds, on mountains and hills, on slopes and through mud. The safest, the most comfortable, the most beautiful.

Technological revolution

More Reliability

- Hydraulic system with individual pipes and O ring gaskets on all joints;
- “Heavy Duty” electrical system;
- Pre-testing of the before assembly;
- 20” and 24” wheels with iron or cast iron flanges with 6 fixed catches with square base bolts and reinforced wheel hubs. Improved fixing studs make the wheels more resistant against loads and lateral thrusts.
More Comfort

Protector – A structural, super-low cab with Cat. 4 pressurisation certificate.  It has a super-low profile (up to 174 cm) and offers total protection from smoke, vapour and aerosols.  The hydraulics system is completely fixed onto the chassis: less noise in the cab, specific pretesting before assembly, easier maintenance.
- Inverter lever on the right
- Gear lever under the steering wheel
- Adjustable steering wheel height and angle
- Wider brake pedals
- Completely free tunnel
- New additional hydraulic fittings
- New improved work accessories, third point, lifting bar etc

More Options
- Basic hydraulic system: 3 double effect distributers + 1 oil return.  Optional: flow dividers for the controls of 5DE + 1RO + 1ROD “drainage”, electrically regulated constant delivery, standard mechanical draft control lift, electronic draft control lift with damping*;
- Differential controls and electro-hydraulic traction disengagement, electro-hydraulic PTO engagement control, hydraulic outlets above the mudguards.
More technology 

- New PTO 540/540S: Ideal for working with a PTO at low revolutions (350/400 rpm) and high power requirement, for example with certain types of crop sprayers for specific uses;
-  Eco-Mode – optional for the reduction of rpm once speeds of 40 km/h have been reached
- Electronic safety system – Should the traction be disengaged, the re-engagement during acceleration is automatic, thus guaranteeing accurate, efficient braking.
- Damping – With the powerlift in action, it reduces oscillation caused by equipment – available as standard in combination with the mechanical draft control lift or the electronic draft control lift*.

Agility & Design
The TGF Ergit R represents a step forward in terms of stability, traction and comfort. It is the lowest and narrowest 100cv tractor for orchards and vineyards currently available on the market and can be ordered with two different types of reducers for the rear wheels of 20 and 24 inches.  This provides two new settings that increase stability, reduce pitching and offer new possibilities for improving comfort on the platform.
Despite the increased volume of the 3B engine due to the new exhaust gas DPF filters, the height of the bonnet remains the same as on previous models, which provides advantageous frontal visibility.



Full Chassis with Oscillation

ACTIO™, This Full Chassis with Oscillation is comprised of a solid cast-iron chassis fixed to the axles and housing the tractor transmission.  It features a central joint with a longitudinal oscillation of up to 15°. The two oscillating ends follow the contour of the terrain independently, thus assuring stability and traction at all times. The constant adherence of the tires to the ground allows engine power to be entirely transferred to the ground, thus increasing performance and safety. 
The ACTIO™ chassis requires a “projecting” engine configuration in order to assure a low center of gravity and an equal division of the weight of the tractor: 60% on the front axle; 40% on the rear axle. This is an ideal balance with implements attached as it distributes 50% of the weight on each axle.

Antonio Carraro WORLD

Cabina AC super-low profile
(min. h1740 mm)


Antonio Carraro | Plus | ACTIO


AC Full Chassis with Oscillation - cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor's transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil's sinuosity ensuring constant traction and grip.
Antonio Carraro | steering tractors

Steering wheels

The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make the tractor extremely agile in crop rows. To further reduce the turning radius, the steering* brakes can be utilized, while accentuating the steering effect obtained thanks to the double-acting constant velocity joints.

Antonio Carraro | Warranty | Extension 3 4 years

EXG Extended Warranty

As a proof of its reliability, Antonio Carraro offers, in addition to its two-year standard warranty, an extension of warranty coverage up to three or four years, called EXG Maximum Protection.


Electronic and automatic speed and engine rev control device. It memorizes and modulates the tractor speed at the operator's discretion.
Antonio Carraro | Plus | Grammer seat with pneumatic suspension


Air suspension with load display - reclining backrest - lumbar support.

Antonio Carraro | Options | Seat with pneumatic suspension

Pneumatic seat

Pneumatic suspension seat with height regulation and automatic driver-weight adjustment (from 50 kg ti 130 kg).

Antonio Carraro | Plus | Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Optimizes the positioning and inclination of the equipment.

Antonio Carraro | Options | Froltlift

Front lift

Available on demand the front lifting system for the use frontal implements.