Tigrecar 5800 PC
49,7 HP
Yanmar 4 cyl. 2190 CC
Weight (KG)
2190 / 4500 full-loaded
Tigrecar 5800 PL
49,7 HP
YANMAR - 4 Cylindres - 2190 cc
Weight (KG)
2190 / 4500 full-loaded

Tigrecar 5800 - Steering transporter

Wheelbase: PL 2750 mm - PC 2532 mm

Tigrecar 5800 is the newest Antonio Carraro transporter, born from the T Major series inspired by the mediterranean agriculture. A manouverable, compact, mid-power transporter, thought to offer all the comfort required by the sector operators.

From the wide driver's station to the obstacle-free central tunnel, everything is designed to facilitate the driver.

The engine is the same 4 cylinders, 50 hp Yanmar which already powers the other T Major series tractors.

The gear is a 8+8-speed with reverser and the PTO is a synchronized 540 rpm. In addition to the disc oil bath brakes, it is available with Superbrake, the additional braking system ideal for slope parking.

Tigrecar 5800 is also available with closed cab.


Antonio Carraro | Plus | ACTIO


AC Full Chassis with Oscillation - cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor's transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil's sinuosity ensuring constant traction and grip.
Antonio Carraro | steering tractors

Steering wheels

The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make the tractor extremely agile in crop rows. To further reduce the turning radius, the steering* brakes can be utilized, while accentuating the steering effect obtained thanks to the double-acting constant velocity joints.

Antonio Carraro | Comfort | Driver's seat


Thanks to the ACTIO™ Chassis, the driving position coincides with the center of oscillation of the tractor. Sideways jerking and stress are very limited and operator fatigue is reduced, even after many hours. The on-board instrumentation is elegant, functional and intuitive: backlit anti-reflection screen for nighttime use; “on-off” information system; digital tachometer and PTO rev counter; and electro-hydraulic pushbutton controls.
Antonio Carraro | Mechanical transmission | 8+8 Tigrecar Major

Transmission - 8+8

Gear box with 16 speeds: 8 forward, 8 reverse synchronised with inverter - 40 Km/h; Standard PTO speed 540 rpm and synchronised at all gear speeds.


A windscreen is available for the open cab.

​Steering column

Available also with adjustable steering column,


More braking, more safety - Additional braking system, perfect for slope-parking. By activating the handbrake, with a subsequent pressure on the brake pedals all 4 oil disk brakes are blocked. The system works with the tractor engine both running or off.
Antonio Carraro | Options | Tigrecar transporter closed cab

Tigrecar Cab

The Tigrecar cab shelters from risks, noise and harmful inhalings, allowing the operator to work peacefully and safely. Tigrecar's standard version offers an open safety frame. On demand it is availabel with a front windscreen or closed cabin, perfect for goods transporting in dusty environments (fields, construction sites).
Antonio Carraro | Service | 24 months warranty

2 years warranty

All Antonio Carraro tractors are covered ny a 24-month warranty.
For any information check our SERVICE page or contact an Antonio Carraro dealer.
Antonio Carraro | Options | Tyres


Available several sets of tyres suitable to every kind of ground, for a constant grip and a thrilling performance regardless of the soil conditions.


Cab Tigrecar 5800

CAB: Good Health is Everything

With the use of the cab the operator can work with less stress and fatigue, which means that they can spend more time behind the wheel and increase productivity. With the cab a series of factors that are harmful to the operator are eliminated such as noise, inhalation of noxious gases, adverse weather conditions and dust. The operator is completely isolated in the cab and able to protect his hearing, skin and lungs whilst working in a calm and safe environment. The Tigrecar cab (optional) is completely closed: an important development in the transporter category, vehicles designed to carry out tasks involving the movement of materials, often dusty, in both fields and on building sites.

The cab has wide access and the driving space is comfortable and spacious. The ultra-low “coupe” profile grants the operator agile movement in confined spaces, in the presence of thick foliage or when the area demands a minimum height of 2 metres.

Soundproofing is excellent, as is the operator’s visibility thanks to the structure of the uprights on which a large 360° window is fitted.

The cab has a central heating system with vents for the recycling of air over the door and in addition it is fitted with a radio.