EIMA 2016 - Tony 9800 TR & SR


They are fitted with a 4 cylinder, 87hp engine with a synchronised PTO set at 540/540E, with an electrohydraulic control and progressive engagement. The new AC 2016 models, equal-wheeled with steering chassis (TR) and articulated chassis (SR), both reversible tractors, and emblem of the company’s final frontier in terms of constant variable transmissions, are for the first time ever being run by a “Made in AC” software that allows the operator to personalise his working style, thus maximising results and simplifying procedures. On request the tractor can be fitted with a new FOPS and ROPS homologated Cat. 4 pressurised AIR cab, which protects the operator from harmful dust, aerosols and vapours. The Tony, when fitted with the cab, reaches a maximum height of 2.1 metres.
After the introduction of the Tony 9800 TR, fitted with a mechanical/hydrostatic transmission and SIM (Shift in Motion) technology with 4 electronically controlled speed ranges, which can be engaged during motion and which was a “Finalist” in the Tractor of the Year 2017 competition, comes the Tony 9800 SR to enter into production in the articulated chassis version, under the heading “Technical innovation EIMA 2016”. It is a particularly agile model when used in rowed crops and when good handling is required. This tractor can be used with many kinds of equipment thanks to its hydraulic transmission, which guarantees modulated starts, the memorisation of the parameters, the personalisation of the operator’s working requirements enabling the vehicle to be adapted to his needs and drive style. Amongst the numerous functions of the “ITAC” software (Intelligent Tractor AC) there is an automatic speed regulation, aimed at maintaining maximum engine torque at selected engine revolutions, achieved by simulating the corrections, normally carried out hundreds of times a day by the operator when driving the tractor. The Tony SR is the model with the narrowest track at 1060mm.