It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of our President Antonio Carraro. His persona, his style in running the company and his commitment are an example that we hope will continue to be followed, to build the most beautiful tractor in the world.

In memory of

His passing is announced with great sadness by his wife Luciana and their children Marcello with Alessia, Liliana with Giorgio, Silvia with Roberto, Massimiliano with Monica, Davide with Caterina, Barbara with Nicola.
Along with grandchildren: Benedetta, Teresa with Giovanni, Tito and Iris, Lorenzo with Luna, Francesca with Leopoldo, Lily, Violetta and Bianca, Antonio with Martina, Gioia, Stella, Alma, Adelaide, Leonilde.

The family wishes to thank all those who have lent their support in this difficult time: Silvana, Anatoly, Leonel, Francesca, Claudia, Danilo, Ravi, Sherman, Deanna, Roberto and Armando.

Heartfelt thanks go to all those who loved him, to the employees at Antonio Carraro spa, to the technicians at the Antonio Carraro Centre for Study and Research, his much-respected colleagues with whom he shared an untiring research into the mechanization of agriculture governed by his ideal of 


The Rosary will be recited on Tuesday the 15th of March at 19.30 at the Campodarsego Church (Padua).

The funeral will be held at the Campodarsego Church (Padua)
On Wednesday the 16th of March at 15.00.

On great request the ceremony will be streamed live.