ACTIO –Antonio Carraro oscillating chassis: Ideal weight distribution, stability in slopes, Full adaptability to the soil, wide ground clearance;

ENGINE – 4 cyl 16V Kubota 3769 cc stage 3B 98 hp: Larger oil sump, low noise levels, low consumption, low vibration, efficiency with little heat production, low emissions.

TRANSMISSION - Max speed up to 40km/h, disengageable 4WD, optimized hydraulic circuit (oil only when required; more efficient, more comfortable, more silent, more economic).
Silent PTO optimized for working above 100 hp;
New optional working range: optimizes the engine torque when a low PTO regime is required.

AIR Cab – The only class-4-pressurized, FOPS available on a reversible articulated tractor.
  - FOPS (falling objects protection) & ROPS (rollover protection) certification;
  - Costant Class 4 pressurization;
  - Acoustic and thermal insulation;
  - LED lighting (8 lights);
  - New silent block – More driving space, Perceived sound level inferior to 80dba*.

Damping standard – Pitch and swing damping system, active when the hydraulic lift is up. Available with standard hydraulic system and draft and position control.

Joystick – new ergonomics, more room for the feet.

Cruise control – standard (double speed memory).

*inside the cab
With its 1060 mm minimum width, SRX 10900 R is designed to work in vineyards and orchards with a minimum steering radius and the lowest possible compaction.
The weight distribution, optimized for attached devices, reduces the soil sinking within the rows and avoids root damage.
The reducers setup allows a good level of ground clearance despite the low profile, even with wide tyres.
Stage 3B engines – because of the addition of DPA filters for reducing emissions – are bulkier; Nevertheless, both rollbar and cab versions of SRX 10900 R maintain the same dimensions and visibility of its predecessors.
SRX 10900 R offers top visibility, ergonomics, beauty and functionality thanks also to the curved-glass windscreen, doors and rear window.