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Developing agriculture in search of technology

A large quantity of manpower is occupied in the sector, there are large

surface areas still to be exploited and it makes up an important part of

GDP, around 15% (in Italy it is around 2%). These are some of the points

of common ground found between the African agriculturalists during a

meeting of buyers from 10 African countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria,

Angola, Zambia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa)

and several European operators from mechanised agriculture during

Fieragricola 2016 in Verona, Italy.

The positive agricultural trend of these countries, also where there

hasn’t been any real growth, sees positive forecasts and an increase in

investment from both the state and the private sector. This is of great

interest to the mechanised agricultural sector in a period marked by

political and economic change.

Many of these countries have a long tradition of the mining-energy

sector, but the recent collapse of stocks in crude oil have meant that the

African continent has seen on the one hand a return to an agricultural

workforce and on the other hand massive government investment

into the sector has begun. This aspect has been rendered even more

important by a high birth rate that has created an impressive and

constant demand for foodstuffs within the domestic market. For this

reason the main economies on the continent are looking for new

technology to be able to consolidate an agricultural sector whose

potential still needs to be fully developed.