Comfort = Productivity

Antonio Carraro has always made operator comfort a top priority: the hours you spend behind the wheel of a tractor should be as relaxing as possible. This is the driving force behind continuous innovations in ergonomics, operator comfort and driver aids, which play an ever greater role in Antonio Carraro tractors.
Damping as standard

The hydraulic device that works with the power lift during transfer is essential to reduce oscillations of the mounted implement. This device is standard equipment on all Antonio Carraro tractors in the Ergit R, Tony and Infinity series, improving performance and comfort both during field work and road transfer.
ACS – Auto cleaning system

Another important development is the system that reverses the direction of the air flow from the fan to enable continuous and effective cleaning of the front grille. Engine overheating is thus no longer a problem when working in conditions of excessive dust or debris.
Double reversibility

Finally, the first tractor with homologated RGS™ reversible driving position that can be driven on the road in both travel directions. Now you can drive on the road in the reverse driving position.
7800 – multifunctional 70 horsepower

The range of specialised 70 hp tractors switches to Stage 3B engines. Like their bigger brothers in the Ergit R series, the 7800 models maintain the same overall dimensions, the same comfort, the same visibility, but are now even more environmentally-friendly. The existing range is extended with the addition of the SRX 7800, and articulated model with reversible driving position.
TRX 7800 S TGF 7800 S SX 7800 S TTR 7800 SRX 7800
Ergit R

For the first time, the Ergit R range is complete: in addition to the wheeled TGF, TRX, TTR, TRG and SRX models, we now have the Mach 2 and Mach 4 R, also equipped with 100 hp Stage 3B engines, and the ultra-modern AIR cab, a category 4 pressurised cab, homologated both as a roll-over protective structure and a falling objects protective structure.
Particularly worthy of mention is the TGF 10900 R cabbed tractor, which boasts a completely revamped hydraulic system, featuring a tandem pump with a capacity of 50 litres/min..

TRX 10900 R TGF 10900 R TRG 10900 R TTR 10900 R SRX 10900 R Mach 4 R Mach 2 R
After the isodiametric TR and the haymaking TTR (Tractor of The Year 2019 finalist – Best of Specialized), the Infinity range now includes articulated models: SR 7600 Infinity joins the family of hydrostatic 75 hp tractors, thus completing the range of models with mechanical-hydrostatic transmission.
TTR 7600 Infinity TR 7600 Infinity SR 7600 Infinity

The family of high-range hydrostatic tractors is also extended, and presented at Eima for the first time with 100 hp Stage 3B engines. The range with CVT transmission is enhanced with a haymaking model – the Tony TTR 10900 – with a long wheelbase to improve stability, and the articulated tractor with double reversibility – the SR 10900 City – dedicated to municipal use. The only reversible articulated tractor on the market that is homologated for use on the road in both directions of travel.
Tony 10900 TR Tony 10900 SR TTR 10900 Tony SR 10900 City