ROPS certification Roll-over protection.

Comfort – Air-conditioned, roomy, comfortable, elegant cab interior. Ergonomic controls mounted on the turret, large, comfortable seat also available with suspension, reclining system and lumbar support.

Practicality – Installed on Ergit R series reversible tractors, with driving position which rotates effortlessly through 180° in just a few seconds. Controls mounted on reversible drive turret, always in easy reach.

Design – agile, slender profile, rounded on the inside, compact and streamlined on the outside.

Visibility – Window with large windows on all sides with floor-level rear window for a view of the terrain; very powerful LED front and rear working lights.

Relax – Soundproofed cab with interior independent from tractor chassis to reduce vibrations and noise; plenty of leg-room.

Health Pressurized cab, available on request with category 4 pressurization assuring total protection against dust, vapors and airborne particles, the best protection in its class.
FOPS certification – Falling object protection system. 
super low-profile, super safe
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ROPS certification Roll-over protection.

Choice: Two versions available: the dynamic Protector S and the lavishly equipped Protector 100.

Low Profile – 174 cm, ideal height for narrow rows with dense, low foliage, canopied vineyards or polytunnels.

Comfort – Air-conditioned cab interior with ergonomic driving position, optimized to give the operator room without increasing external bulk. Higher roof, seat suspensions, reclining seat and lumbar support available as options.

Convenience – Ergonomic controls all in easy reach.

Visibility – through 360 degrees, with bottom windows for view of terrain.

Relax– Platform mounted on silent-blocks, with different degrees of soundproofing depending on the version. Air-conditioner and radio fitting.

Health: Pressurized cab, available with category 4 pressurization.