The engine, the heart of the tractor
The engine is the tractor’s most vital organ, it is what each and every agricultural operator relies upon to take him home at the end of the day, 365 days a year.
To build a successful tractor it is essential that all of its components are of top quality.  However the choice of the correct tractor for each of its models has never been an easy one for Antonio Carraro.  Not only in terms of the engine type suitable for compact tractors, but also for the quantity of lots that the company requires for the fragmented production of 80 models, divided up in turn into 10-12 power ranges.
It is difficult to find important high quality suppliers capable and willing to invest in and collaborate on this complicated task of engineering (selection and fitting of the engines) with a company that, when all said and done, produces a limited number of lots.

In this sense, Yanmar has always been, and is to this day, a long-term special partner for Antonio Carraro, who has always believed and continues to believe in this Italian brand, by contributing in a concrete way to the development of AC’s most innovative tractors currently available on the market.
Twenty years after the beginning of the Italian-Japanese partnership it is nice to look back on certain events that have galvanised this union.  Numbers, technical data and mathematical calculations are important in every company, but what counts above all are the people whose work, passion and choices determine the success of this company and its products.
Here is a brief history, human rather than epic, of the AC/Yanmar link, which could inspire a story with the Japanese title 誰が農業を助け、人類を助けるのか (“He who helps agriculture, helps humanity”.)
He who helps agriculture, helps humanity!