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Demopark 2019

A reversible isodiametric tractor with narrow wheelbase, articulated chassis and hydrostatic transmission, SR 7600 Infinity (4-cylinder turbo engine with 74 HP) is intended for crops where maximum compactness and agility are required (with a very small radius). It guarantees excellent performance when combined with hydraulic or PTO-driven equipment, for agricultural use (terraced vineyards, greenhouses, narrow rows) or civil use (maintenance of urban spaces, sports facilities, road works and clearing of snow).
The Infinity transmission allows you to work with the same speeds in both driving directions, since it has two mechanical ranges (0-15 and 0-40 km/h), each with 3 hydrostatic speeds that can also be engaged while driving, with manual or automatic gearbox. The advance pedal assists braking even on slopes. The reverser (on the steering wheel) can be engaged at any time. The Cruise Control mode permits independent control of the engine revolutions and the speed, keeping them constant even in the presence of discontinuous loads; the Intellifix, instead, automatically modulates forward movement according to the PTO load. All Infinity functions communicate with each other via CAN-BUS technology.
Easy access to the engine compartment allows practical cleaning of the two parallel radiators, ensuring maximum efficiency and operational continuity even for work where the front grille is subjected to continuous clogging. The "Superbrake" auxiliary braking system acts on the four brakes, locking them in the parking phase for use in conditions of extreme dependence. 
The Starlight panoramic cab (on request) offers optimal visibility and comfort, combined with the compactness required to work comfortably in tight spaces or between narrow sloping rows.

23. - 25. June, Eisenach, Deutschland
Stand A-131