EIMA 2021

The new Tora Series is equipped with 4-cylinder, Stage V engines with power capacities of 52 and 66 hp. Their defining feature is provided by the upgrade of the hydraulics, mechanics and drive comfort and there are two reversible drive models. There are 5 multi-functional, super compact models which can be isodiametric or with bigger rear wheels in the “orchard” set-up and are offered in different versions such as with the ACTIO™ articulated chassis or with steering wheels, monodirectional or fitted with reversible drive on an RGS™ rotating control tower (new AC patent), with a rollbar or cab. These tractors can be combined with complex equipment such as inter-row machinery, shearers and hydraulic equipment for vineyards, thanks to the increase in hydraulic power with constantly adjustable flow providing maximum control in the management of the equipment.
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