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Four models from the Ergit Series 100 from 89 to 99hp

TGF 10900/ 9900

> “low” mono-directional with different sized wheels

TRX 10900/ 9900

> reversible with equal sized wheels

TRG 10900/ 9900

> reversible with different sized wheels

TTR 10900

> reversible with equal sized wheels and wide track

Together with the excellent Yanmar engine series, Antonio Carraro has chosen Kubota for its new series of top range tractors, confirming its belief in the elevated

technology from the land of the rising sun.

The top AC models have Kubota engines, with two different power

settings: 99 hp (10900) and 89 hp (9900). They are direct injection,

4 cylinder, 16 valve turbocharged engines that guarantee maximum

power and torque with fantastic flexibility when accelerating. Thanks

to their “slim” configuration they allow for the creation of ever more

compact tractors, guaranteeing best possible performance with any

type of equipment.

Greatly appreciated in terms of fuel consumption, they come through

in terms of top range reliability and performance. Built with top quality

components, in addition to maximum efficiency they also have the

characteristic of not wasting energy. Essentially they do not overheat

and therefore, not needing large radiators they have allowed the AC

researchers to design better performing compact tractors.