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Simply clever...but we are not talking about cars but rather the most “intelligent” tractor from the AC range. It is the Tony 9800

TR, the hydrostatic tractor designed for precision agriculture, fitted with a 4 cylinder, 87 hp Yanmar engine with a hydrostatic-

mechanical transmission with continual variation with 4 electronically controlled ranges. The PTO has two rpm settings at 540

and 540E and is synchronised with the tractor’s speed (opt. 540S or 1000 rpm). The AIR cab, stylish inside and out, is fitted with

a Falling Object Protective Structure –FOPS and Operator Protective Structure-ROPS and is also pressurised with Category 4

certification. The real news is the on board software, designed at Antonio Carraro, which makes the tractor...simply clever!


The Tony 9800 TR (87hp) is fitted with a continual variation transmission with four electronically controlled speed ranges – each with continual

variation – with 3 ways of accelerating both manually and with Automotive, for a total of 24 adjustable speeds from 0 to 40 km/h.

It is fitted with a powerful engine (Yanmar – 4 turbo cylinder) both quiet and ecological along with a unique variable transmission. It is compact,

agile, economical and versatile when carrying out both heavy and delicate tasks for specialised agriculture. The management software for all the

functions was designed with simplicity, savings, comfort and creativity in mind.


ITAC (operative system)

JPM + (multipurpose proportional joystick)


TMC (Tractor Management Control)

AIR cab (Cert. ROPS/FOPS/CAT.4)







It is an intelligent tractor which, thanks to its Eco Speed system, allows

the operator to monitor and reduce fuel consumption to a minimum.

How? Simple: by maintaining speed constant at 40 km/h, the system

automatically reduces engine revolutions.

Maximum torque, up to 287 Nm, can be kept constant and nominal

engine speed can be reached at just 1850 rpm. The maximum power

of the transmission is available at 4 speed ranges thanks to the SIM

technology (Shift In Motion) that allows for the passing between speed

ranges without stopping or interrupting movement.

The cooling technology is the result of a detailed engineering study

with the insertion of a new finning which increases the air flow between

the two overlapping radiators, which guarantees exceptional thermal

exchange. Access to the bonnet is quick and easy thus simplifying

cleaning and maintenance activities.