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The reversible mechanic. Articulated tractor available with three

different engines: a 70hp 3 cylinder Turbo Intercooler VM (8400), an

87 hp 4 Turbo with 16 valves Yanmar (9800) and a 95 hp 4 cyl. Turbo

Intercooler VM (10400). The low centre of gravity and narrow track

(up to 1000mm) provide stability and agility when working between

narrow rowed crops on slopes. It is available with the StarLight cab,

front powerlift, joystick and 11 rear hydraulic outlets and 6 front ones.

The Multi-purpose Proportional Joystick (JPM) drastically simplifies

procedures with specific equipment such as the pruner, shearing

machine and the deleafer.

Mono-directional articulated tractor with equal sized wheels. The

articulated chassis and the narrow track determine extraordinary

operational activity in narrow spaces, when getting between narrow

rowed crops, at the side of vineyards and in greenhouses. The 4 equal

sized wheels provide grip and constant traction in all situations.

Versions available: SX 7800 S (71hp with 4 cyl. –16 valves Yanmar); SX

9400 S (87 hp with 4 cyl. Turbo Intercooler VM). Wheels up to 24”.