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The time when retirement marked the beginning of old age is over. Retirement, today, is the

beginning of a new lease of life, free fromwork commitments, office hours and the running after

children. Finally there is the time to dedicate to our passions and finally there is the possibility of

treating yourself to a well-deserved present.

We often meet new pensioners with a passion for the countryside who having reached the longed for milestone, treat themselves to a nice

tractor. The object of their desires is almost always a small tractor that is practical, manageable, economical and more and more frequently the

choice is falling on to the Tigre 4000, the ideal tractor for the small plot of land, a family vegetable garden, a small wood, a vineyard which their

owners want to take greater care of.

First and foremost the Tigre 4000 distinguishes itself from other tractors of its category by way of its striking, modern design. Then, what is

noticed on climbing aboard is the drive position without impediments that allows easy access and offers the even the most robust operator

maximum comfort. Once in movement the Tigre 4000 surprises all with its stability. Its four equal wheel drive combined with the ACTIO™ chassis

guarantee maximum ground grip even in the most difficult of situations. The elevated torque of this little tractor is also worthy of mention as

it allows for remarkable trailing (important for carrying out forestry activities) along with low fuel consumption. The Tigre 4000 competes well

with professional tractors. Thanks to its compactness and standard technical features, it equals on a reduced scale the standards of the top of the

range tractors, offering excellent value for money. Without doubt the Tigre 4000 is the best way to enjoy retirement!