TTR 4400 HST II - Isodiametric reversible hydrostatic tractor


TTR 4400 HST II brings the hydrostatic transmission into the mid-power tractors category. With a silent 38 hp engine, this compact tractor fits a wide range of duties. From greencare to mowing, to urban and road maintenance, TTR is always the right choice.

The mix between hydrostatic transmission ACTIO™ chassis and reversible drive result in a first-choice multi-functional tractor. Along with the four-wheel drive and the low centre of gravity, these features deliver a stable, precise, multi-tasking machine.

The tractor works with precision on every soil, flat or steep, harsh or smooth.

Available also with air-conditioned cabTTR is available with many electric, hydraulic or comfort options: Front lifting system, seat with pneumatic suspension, mowing-collecting kit, are just some examples.

TTR is the multi-functional hydrostatic tractor for everyone.



AC Full Chassis with Oscillation - cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor's transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil's sinuosity ensuring constant traction and grip.


RGS™ Rev-Guide System, is the AC reversible driving system on a rotating turret which inverts the driving direction in just a few seconds in order to work efficiently with towed or frontal equipment. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedal assembly 180° for an identical, but reverse, driving direction.

Steering wheels

The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make the tractor extremely agile in crop rows. To further reduce the turning radius, the steering* brakes can be utilized, while accentuating the steering effect obtained thanks to the double-acting constant velocity joints.

Hydrostatic transmission

Hydrostatic transmission with hydraulic control; Mechanical selector with 3 speed range: low/normal/high; Continuous speed variator in both forward and reverse from 0-6, 0-12, 0-28 km/h; Independent PTO with 2 speed: 540 and 1000 rpm; Front and rear differential lock; Disengaging drive wheels on rear axle; Speed-fix control.

EXG Extended Warranty

As a proof of its reliability, Antonio Carraro offers, in addition to its two-year standard warranty, an extension of warranty coverage up to three or four years, called EXG Maximum Protection.


Thanks to the ACTIO™ Chassis, the driving position coincides with the center of oscillation of the tractor. Sideways jerking and stress are very limited and operator fatigue is reduced, even after many hours. The on-board instrumentation is elegant, functional and intuitive: backlit anti-reflection screen for nighttime use; “on-off” information system; digital tachometer and PTO rev counter; and electro-hydraulic pushbutton controls.


Air suspension with load display - reclining backrest - lumbar support.

Short lifting arms

Available on demand also with short, bended 3-point lifting arms.

TTR 4400 Cab

Soundproof cab with automatic air-conditioning system; black fabric seat with presence sensor; adjustable steering column; front and rear curving green windscreens with independent washers and gaskets.

Front PTO

The front PTO (1000 rpm) with electro-hydraulic controls and progressive engagement with safety button is maintenance free.

Front lift

Available on demand the front lifting system for the use frontal implements.

Air conditioner

The soundproof cab offers also an automatically controlled air conditioning system.


TTR 4400 II Cab

TTR Cab is an original, certified AC product with a 24-month warranty. It offers great structural quality and a design which matches with the AC tractors concept.
The cab is soundproof and equipped with heating and air conditioning system.
The visibility is enhanced by the spherically curved longitudinal profile of the cab with green curved front and rear windows and partially or totally opening doors. The compactness and the butterfly-like profile grant freedom of movement through plants, obstacles and narrow spaces.
Using the tractor in reverse drive, the operator can enjoy the same comfort and efficiency.
The cab is equipped with powerful dust filters for a totally healthy on-board condition. 
Other features:
• Digital control unit for the air conditioning system;
• Steering column inclination adjuster;
• Fabric seat;
• Drinks compartment, clothes hook, documents holder;
• Side doors with cushioning gas springs;
• Partial opening of side windows and front deflectors;
• External door-handles with easy-open system;
• Front window for maximum visibility;
• Spot for stereo system;
• 2 external rear view mirrors with controlled position;
• Rear work lights;
• Front and rear windscreen wipers with independent washers.