The choice to install the photovoltaic system, undertaken by the company in the year 2011, allowed to achieve continuous positive feedback in the environmental domain. The use of renewable energy sources allows to decrease the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and its consequences: greenhouse effect and global warming. Furthermore, the non-use of fossil sources does not affect resources like oil, gas, coal, thereby contributing to providing sustainable energy in the long run.


System features:
Peak power: 432.40 kwp
Number of panels: 1880
In the image below, the values reflect the ecological footprint of photovoltaics, in particular:
-The production of total energy from the installation to date – expressed in KWh
-The total avoided carbon dioxide emission – expressed in kilograms of CO₂
-The total saved oil barrels – expressed in number of barrels
-The total number of saved trees.


In support of the monitoring, two graphs indicate the performance. The 1st graph compares the theoretical and actual performance expressed in Kw . The 2nd graph indicates the "Performance Ratio", a parameter that allows to measure the efficiency and quality of the plant: it points out the actual available energy percentage.