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Agrilevante 2019

TRX 5800 - The new 50 hp reversible drive ultra-compact
It is the brand new 50 hp reversible drive ultra-compact tractor with isodiametric steering wheels. The accessories of this model are the same as those of top-of-the-range AC tractors. The brilliant 16+16 mechanical gearbox has synchronised shuttle. The tractor is both professional and customised and ideal not only for orchards and vineyards but also for ground care and urban maintenance. The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make it agile in narrow spaces and on slopes, where the ACTIOTMchassis and 4 driving wheels guarantee consistent stability and traction. The reversible driving system and the high level of ergonomics increase efficiency and make work much quicker, therefore resulting in significant savings in terms of time and costs. The tractor is compatible with many types of pushed or pulled equipment, for ploughing, treatments, under-row vineyard activities, stable work and fruit picking. The strong and integrated driving platform provides thermal and acoustic insulation of the cabin from the transmission, confers comfort, and absorbs vibrations. The suspended foot control ensures the absence of gaps towards the ground, protecting the operator from dust. The cabin is air-conditioned and equipped with all the accessories you could possibly want. The back of the cabin has been built with two practical equipment tube passages. Also available on request with Joystick or lift with controlled draft.