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Why it is important to use the right oil

If you want better performance, or greater

reliability from your tractor it is essential that

you choose the right oil. Oil is important

because it prevents the wear and tear of the

mechanisms by creating a protective film

over the mechanical parts. Furthermore

it absorbs and disperses the heat, which

reduces wear and tear and thus protects the

engine and gearbox. A good oil impedes the

accumulation of dirt and deposits by keeping

then in suspension. Engine oil, for example,

protects against sludge and oxidation,

reducing acids that can provoke corrosion

to a minimum. The most frequent questions

about oil from our customers are:

What is oil viscosity?

What do the oil codes mean?

What are performance additives?


is an important parameter of every

lubricant. It is a measurement of the density

or flow resistance of a substance. For example:

honey is dense while water is fluid. Honey has

a higher degree of viscosity than water. The

viscosity of the oil must be suitable to the

tractor’s environmental working temperature.

If the oil is too dense when the engine is

cold, the engine won’t turn over; if instead it

is too fluid when the engine is warm, it won’t

guarantee the engine’s components the right


Therefore, optimising the viscosity of the oil

contributes to the optimisation of energy

efficiency thus avoiding wear and tear of the


Multigrade oils are identified with two

numbers (


) that refer to degrees of

temperature (for example 15W40). These

codes can contribute to performance stability

at high and low temperatures. The first

number of a multigrade oil is usually followed

by a W, which stands for winter. This number,

which represents the viscosity of the lubricant

at low temperatures, gives an indication of the

oil flow characteristics in winter. The lower

the first number the more fluid the oil at low


The second number, after the W represents

the viscosity of the oil at high temperatures;

the higher this number is, the denser the oil

remains at high temperatures. Using oil with

the correct viscosity improves the engine’s

performance, thereby reducing wear and tear

and increasing fuel efficiency.

Synthetic oils normally present better characteristics at high and low temperatures compared

to common mineral oils. In this way it is possible to keep protection constant with a greater fuel

saving and a better start up from cold.


performance additives

provide added protection to the oil base. There are various

types to choose from and to carefully mix in order to guarantee high level performance.

Tony Gold Premium: magic formula made in AC

Thanks to extensive experience, the AC technicians have recently developed the lubricant “Tony

Gold Premium – High Performance AC Oil”, fruit of a (magic) formula that satisfies the highest

performance in any environment and in full respect of the Antonio Carraro tractor specifications.

Simone Cavinato

After Sales Manager