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Excellence in motion

Sollevare, trasportare, rovesciare / Lifting, moving, tipping

Vola solo chi osa farlo.

CM, movimentazione senza confini.

Only the brave dare to fly. CM, unlimited handling.






Nei numeri passati del ns.magazine avevamo informato i nostri lettori dellenuove

norme sulle emissioni dei motori diesel dei trattori “stretti”. Fortunatamente è

arrivata una proroga dal Parlamento Europeo che ha ammesso la specificità di

tali trattori.

In back issues of our magazine we informed our readers about the new diesel engine

emission legislation on “narrow” tractors. Fortunately a deferment from the European

Parliament has arrived, thus recognising the particularity of such tractors. Essentially,

orchard and vineyard tractors have been considered separate. Federunacoma

(Federation of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and tractors) and lots of

other players from mechanised agriculture, had been saying so for years, and finally

in September 2015, the European Parliament followed this line of thought, thus

confirming a different timeline for the application of the new law on exhaust fumes

for narrow tractors.

Two amendments, which recognise the specific nature of“narrow”

tractors, have in fact been approved. The first commits the

European Commission to carrying out further analysis

before extending the legislation regarding mobile, non-

road vehicle engines to narrow tractors. The second

sets out that narrow tractors, currently available on the

market, need to be redesigned ex-novo only if the new

regulation becomes law, thus avoiding the need to

partially carry out modifications in a brief intermediary



The question is still on the table, but the time margins for a

legal solution are easier to handle.

What happened?