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For a while now many Spanish agriculturalists have found the

hydrostatic transmission of the TTR 4400 HST easy to operate, precise

and above all high performing. For the precious vegetables from

northern Spain (suppliers to the most prestigious kitchens around the

world) the TTR is proving to be the ideal tractor.

The ACTIO™ , full chassis with oscillation with a low centre of gravity

which provides greater stability than traditional tractors is greatly

appreciated. With the TTR it is possible to work in comfort and safety

even where a standard tractor would have difficulty (slopes, uneven

terrain, poor grip). The Speed-Fix system, for example, is extremely

useful to the operator that wants to work with a constant forward

speed, both on the slopes and the plain.

Another plus point is the RGS™ reversible drive system on the rotating

control tower that allows for the use of both forward and rear fitting

equipment, with direct vision over the equipment (in both directions)

that guarantees easy and accurate working activity, without wasting

time and energy, by avoiding unnatural or uncomfortable procedures

that are sometimes unavoidable with traditional tractors, not ideal for

frontal applications.

The PTO is independent and has a double speed setting (540/1000 rpm).

Should it be necessary to carry out tasks with two pieces of equipment

fitted simultaneously, the TTR has a front PTO and lift (engine side). The

joystick ON-OFF is also available for the management of the equipment

and the rear lift with double effect cylinders. The tractor can be set up

with a protective roll bar or air-conditioned cab with automatic clima


Many tractors in one also for agriculture

For all of these reasons it is natural that the Spanish customer would

choose a TTR 4400 HST: the best option to carry out the task at hand

well and in a short time in order to be able to spend time with friends in

front of a nice glass of Rioja and some tapas! Salud!

p.s. “tapas is a typical Spanish snack before lunch or dinner.