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“Our objective remains the same:

to build the best tractors in the world.”

Antonio Carraro, the President

The data shown in the

technical articles is

homologation data. The

following people from the AC

Research and Development

Department collaborated on

the technical tests.

Oscar Chiarello

Dolce Vita Products

Andrea Beltrame

Product Manager

Stefano Bortolato

Product Manager

Pier Claudio Massarotto


Damiano De Checchi

Tractor People Products

For many years now in Italy, the Antonio Carraro brand has registered the highest number of tractors in the isodiametric sector aimed at

specialised agriculture and civil maintenance, from 20 to 100 hp.

However, what makes our tractor production special is not the number of tractors produced in a wide variety of models but rather the tirelessly

innovative spirit that leads us to develop unique technical solutions that are sometimes against the trend, which provide a range of tractors

recognised by the operators for their specialisation, originality as well as for the care taken over design, comfort and reliability.

The company’s design philosophy, based on “lean” principles (developed over many years of training with Porsche Consulting) is defined by its

great production flexibility, so that each tractor is “made to measure” for its individual customer.

Antonio Carraro tractors are rarely seen in open fields but rather amongst narrow rows, on inaccessible crops, on slopes or on slippery ground.

We might go as far to say they go wherever eagles dare because all terrain is cultivatable and every crop is accessible as far as Antonio Carraro is


Every model is the fruit of our centre for study and research’s limitless creativity, which is manifested in primis by our President, who on the

production of each innovation, ironically repeats: “Our objective remains the same: to build the best tractor in the world".

Now it is the turn of the Tony tractors with their constant variable transmission and of the new Ergit R Series. The same dream was cultivated for

the Tigre, the Tropical, the Series 22, the reversible Tritrac, the Ergit, the Jona, the Major and the Mach. Each time we begin the dream of building

the best tractor in the world again. (At least as far as we are concerned)

Happy reading!

Liliana Carraro

Chief Editor