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Essentially, the Tony is a typical, if more sophisticated, AC tractor:

isodiametric, reversible, compact, narrow, multipurpose, designed to

offer maximum performance in specialised agriculture:

Maximum precision when carrying out tasks

Maximum comfort and protection for the operator

Maximum power during operation without wasting energy

Lower harmful emissions and less noise

Maximum savings in terms of time-work, fuel, consumption

of chemical products

The continuous transmission provides exceptional sensitivity both

during operational activities and road transport, thus allowing optimal

speeds to be maintained for all uses. From 10 m/h to 40 Km/h, in all

situations, there is an ideal working speed for the plain, on hillsides or

on steep slopes. All the engine’s resources are fully exploited without

interruption (not even in critical points: changes of slope or speed)

because the transmission is constantly engaged.

The Tony continuous transmission is an ultra-compact hybrid-

hydrostatic-mechanical transmission, which optimises the tractor’s

performance by lifting it to maximum operational efficiency. It offers

the operator maximum yield and precision during operational tasks as

well as extraordinary facility of use; the electronic inverter, for example,

(positioned on the lever on the steering wheel or on the joystick) can

be activated at any moment and at any speed, in both drive directions.

The Tony transmission is run by an operating system. The response of

the transmission to the work programme set is immediate, the tractor’s

forward movement is always fluid, without discontinuity or jerking,

even on a restart. There is no clutch pedal to press during working

activities. The operator only has to choose the speed parameters or the

engine revolutions, combining them according to the job to be carried


The software controls all the tractor’s diagnostic functions, signalling

to the operator on the display when the services are due, when

the oil needs changing or the fit state of the filters as well as the oil

temperature, sensor efficiency in addition to other problems and