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The Tony 9800 SR is the first new product of the Tony line:

isodiametric, articulated ACTIO™ chassis, with reversible drive and

an electronically controlled constant variable transmission with 4

speed ranges along with 3 acceleration modes for each range and

3 for each range in Automotive mode.

The constant variable transmission, combined with the Rev-Guide

System™, increase the vehicle’s versatility, offering it maximum

operative efficiency with the possibility of being fitted with numerous

pieces of specific equipment and therefore simplifyingwork procedures

in tight spaces, on uneven ground and on steep slopes. The articulated

chassis and the narrow track render this model especially agile whilst

moving between rowed crops and when carrying out manoeuvres with

a reduced number of turns.

The transmission provides great flexibility with a large number of front

and rear fitting equipment. Its start off sensitivity, working memory

and available options allow the vehicle to adapt itself perfectly to the

needs and driving style of the operator.

The purchaser of a Tony 9800 SR can configure their tractor according to

their individual needs, thus obtaining a tractor that is ideal for all types

of rowed crops (grapes, fruit, citrus fruit andhops) or specific agricultural

tasks (snow clearance, greenhouse activities or in nurseries). Each Tony

can be perfectly adapted to individual clearance requirements. The

model with the narrowest track is articulated. Also regarding height

the Tony is at the top of the class, reaching a maximum height of 2.10

m with the Air cab.

Amongst the numerous software functions, there is the automatic

speed regulation geared to preserving maximum engine torque at

set revolutions, simulating the corrections normally carried out by the

operator hundreds of times a day while driving the tractor. Therefore, in

addition to increasing work performance, the Tony SR reduces driving

stress by providing an automatic speed pilot.

The Tony 9800 SR with its speed control system and fixed engine

revolutions along with its pressurised cab homologated to Cat. 4 thus

guaranteeing the operator maximum protection, is particularly useful

when working with products for crop spraying.

Tony 9800 SR, articulated, candidate for the award “Technical Innovation EIMA 2016”