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This is a completely new model that sees the uniting of the new

hydrostatic transmission Infinity with a tractor with a steering

ACTIO™ chassis and a wide track, designed for haying on hillsides,

in the mountains and for rowed crops on steep slopes. The new

engine is a brand new4-cylinder, 74 hp, turbo Kohler homologated

to Phase 3B which already complies with the European legislation

that will come into force in September 2017 which significantly

limits particle emissions into the atmosphere.

The tractor is fitted with reversible drive technology that allows it to

work at the same speed in both drive directions. It has 2 mechanical

speed ranges (0-15 and 0-40 km/h), each with 3 hydrostatic speeds

controlled by a selector positioned on the joystick, which can be

engaged whilst moving, without losing traction or causing a power

interruption. The forward motion pedal assists braking on slopes and

stops the vehicle when the accelerator is released, even without the

use of the brakes and the clutch. The inversion control can also be

placed as a lever on the steering wheel.




The TTR 7600 Infinity combines “many tractors in one” thanks to its

design versatility with infinite possibilities of use, optimised by a

powerful multi-outlet hydraulic system and its vertical rods governed

by the joystick. The active systemTempomat allows engine revolutions

and speed to be controlled independently, whilst keeping them

constant even in the presence of variable loads. The PTO is standard at

540 / 540E /1000 (opt.) with independent syncro. The hydro-pneumatic

suspension of the equipment with its coaxial-cylinder Uniflex® (AC

patent), guarantees equipment stability and operative comfort even on

extremely rough terrain. The Cleanfix™ systemwith a flow inversion fan

guarantees the constant cleaning and efficiency of both the radiator

and the front grille on the bonnet.